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This is not a legal document. Please see disclaimer for more information.
Furnish and maintain Sampling Devices and Testing and Safety Equipment with accessories that are required to sample and test materials used on the project. The sampling and testing and safety equipment will be used by Administration employees as directed by the Engineer. All equipment shall be as approved by the Office of Materials Technology. Furnish the sampling devices and testing equipment to the Engineer at least five days prior to commencement of work on the project. All equipment shall remain in the Engineers’ possession until completion of all sampling and testing on the project. Unless otherwise specified, all testing equipment, accessories, and unused sampling devices and safety equipment will be returned to the Contractor at the completion of the project.
Furnish all applicable sampling devices and containers required by the Administrations’ Materials Manual, including all inserts, Sample Testing and Frequency Guide, and this Specification. Quantities will be designated by the Engineer at the preconstruction meeting.
Testing Equipment Requirements. Maintain the equipment in good working condition and submit a written certification to the Administration stating when the testing equipment was last calibrated or inspected by an Administration approved testing agency. Ensure that the equipment is calibrated at the frequency required for that type of equipment according to the test method and AASHTO R18.
If any testing equipment or accessories are stolen, become defective, or for any other reason do not function as intended, replace with an equal or better unit at no additional cost to the Administration within eight hours after notification.
Sampling Devices and Testing Equipment with Accessories. The following is a general list for sampling devices and testing equipment to be furnished by the Contractor for the specified testing. Contact the Office of Materials Technology, Materials Management Division with any questions concerning the requirements for Sampling Devices, Testing Equipment, and Accessories. The devices, testing equipment, and accessories will be randomly inspected during Independent Assurance Audits.
(a) Sampling Devices from the Administration’s Materials Manual.
(1) Soil bags (able to hold at least 35 lb).
(2) Screw top cans - 1 qt.
(3) Friction top cans - 1 qt and 1 gal.
(4) Plastic jar - 1 gal.
(5) Flow panels for joint sealer.
(b) Testing Equipment and Accessories from the Administration’s Materials Manual - Determination of Moisture Content of Aggregates (MSMT 251).
(1) Electric hot plate or a gas burner, including bottle and fuel.
(2) Scale or balance conforming to M 231, Class G2.
(3) Metal container, such as large frying pan or equivalent.
(4) Pointing trowel or large spoon.
(c) Field Determination of the Amount of Stabilization Agent in Bases and Subbases (MSMT 254).
(1) Scale or balancing conforming to M 231, Class G 100 having a capacity of at least 100 lb/sample containers.
(2) Bench brush.
(3) Large spoon or scoop.
(4) Sampling mat consisting of a sheet of plywood or canvas with a surface of at least 1 yd2.
(5) Tape measure.
(d) Field Determination of Moisture Density Relations of Soils (MSMT 351). Refer to MSMT 350.
(e) Hot Applied Joint Materials Sealer and Crack Filler (MSMT 404). Flow panels (brass panel may be used in lieu of a tin panel).
(f) In-Place Density of Embankment, Subbase, Base, Surface and Shoulder Material (T 99, T 180, T 191, and MSMT 350).
(1) Cylindrical compaction molds, 1/30 ft3 and 1/13.33 ft3.
(2) Compaction rammers, 5.5 lb and 10 lb.
(3) 12 in. straightedge.
(4) Scale or balance conforming to M 231, Class G 100, having a capacity of at least 100 lb.
(5) Two 10 in. pie pans.
(6) 12 in. frying pan.
(7) 12 in. rocker set complete with pan.
(8) One each of the following sieves conforming to M 92:
12 Square 2 in.
12 Square 3/4 in.
12 Square No. 4
12 Square No. 10
*8 Round No. 10
* For density sand.
(9) Field density plate with recess to accommodate sand cone apparatus.
(10) Steel pan, 12 in. x 30 in.
(11) Electric plate or gas burner, including bottle and fuel.
(12) Soil density pick.
(13) Precalibrated sand cone density apparatus.
(14) Spatula, 3 in.
(15) Two water pails.
(16) Bag of density sand.
(17) Stencil brush, bench brush, sprinkling can, large spoon, and sample shovel.
(g) Sampling Asphalt Mixtures prior to Compaction (MSMT 457).
(1) A 25 ft measuring tape.
(2) Random selection cards numbered from 0 to width of the paving lane in 1 ft increments.
(3) 10 in. x 6 in. x 12 in. sample boxes.
(4) One-gallon plastic wide-mouth jugs.
(5) Core storage containers.
(6) Spatula.
(7) Spray paint or other suitable marking material.
(8) GPS equipment.
(9) Infrared Surface thermometers, NIST Traceable Calibration, backlit, handheld/pistol grip (-4 F to minimum 400 F, 1.5 percent accuracy).
(10) Square end shovel, fire shovel, or grain shovel.
(11) Scoop.
(12) 24 ft of 18-gauge mechanical wire or equivalent to tie through each hole of the plate template.
(13) Masonry nails or equivalent according to MSMT 457, Method A.
(h) Concrete Tests.
Sampling R 60
Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens T 23
Slump T 119
Air Content - Pressure Method T 152
Air Content - Volumetric Method T 196
Temperature T 309
(1) Air meter, pressure type for conventional concrete and volumetric air meter (Roll-a-Meter) for lightweight Concrete.
(2) Air Bulb.
(3) Air pump.
(4) Rubber mallet.
(5) Slump cone with rod.
(6) Steel straight edge.
(7) Large and small scoop.
(8) Trowel.
(9) 3/8 in. diameter tamping rod.
(10) Unit weight bucket for light weight concrete.
(11) Sprinkle can or bucket for water.
(12) Postal scale (only for lightweight concrete).
(13) Thermometer (0 F to 220 F).
(14) 4 in. x 8 in. cylinder molds (for compressive strength specimens).
(15) 3 in. x 6 in. cylinder molds for latex concrete.
(16) 6 in. x 12 in. cylinder molds for density (unit wt) of lightweight concrete and when otherwise specified.
(17) Isopropyl alcohol for light weight concrete.
(18) Protective gloves.
(i) Survey Equipment.
(1) Automatic Level Class 3.
(2) Tripod with adjustable legs.
(3) 25 ft fiberglass level rod.
(j) Other Measuring Devices.
(1) Hand held pile driving monitoring device (as approved by the Engineer).
111.03.02 Safety Equipment. Approved Safety Equipment.
(a) Fall Protection Devices for SHA Inspection Personnel.
(b) Life vests where applicable.
Sampling devices, testing equipment, and safety equipment will not be measured but the cost will be incidental to items of work for which they are required.