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This is not a legal document. Please see disclaimer for more information.
Establish and maintain a Tree Preservation Area (TPA).
Temporary Orange Construction Fence       104.20.02
Fertilizer       920.03.01
120.02.01 Tree Preservation Program (TPP). The Administration will develop a TPP to establish the goals and specify the procedures for tree branch pruning, brush removal, tree felling, tree root pruning, tree fertilizing, and other tree preservation operations to protect trees and vegetation within the TPA.
120.03.01 Maryland Licensed Tree Expert (LTE). A LTE shall perform or directly supervise the operations specified in the Contract Documents and the TPP in conformance with the Maryland Roadside Tree Law, the Forest Conservation Act, and accepted arboricultural practices.
120.03.02 Delineation. Delineate the perimeter of the TPA as specified in the Contract Documents.
120.03.03 Temporary Orange Construction Fence (TOCF). Ensure that the delineated TPA is approved prior to installing the TOCF. Perform installation and maintenance as specified in 104.20.03. Complete installation of the TOCF before:
(a) Beginning clearing and grubbing operations.
(b) Installing erosion and sediment controls.
(c) Conducting the Tree Preservation Meeting.
(d) Performing tree preservation operations.
120.03.04 Tree Preservation Meeting. Prior to beginning work, meet at the TPA with the Engineer, the Landscape Programs Division, and the LTE to review the TPP.
120.03.05 Tree Preservation Operations. Maintain the TPA as specified in the TPP and the Contract Documents. Perform the following operations, as specified in the TPP.
(a) Tree Branch Pruning. Section 712.
(b) Brush Removal. Section 713.
(c) Tree Felling. Section 714.
(d) Tree Root Pruning. Section 715.
(e) Tree Fertilizing. Section 716.
120.03.06 Prohibited Activities within the TPA
a Felling, removing, or harming any tree or plant designated for preservation.
b Removing wood, soil, stones, and other natural materials.
c Any kind of foot or vehicular traffic.
d Driving, storing, washing, or maintaining trucks or construction equipment.
e Placing backfill, stacking or storing supplies.
f Grading, trenching, draining, dewatering, and burning activities.
g Dumping waste or storing toxic or hazardous materials.
120.03.07 Restricted Activities. The following activities are restricted in the area near the TPA unless authorized by the Engineer.
a Felling trees.
b Grading that will disrupt drainage patterns.
c Draining and dewatering activities.
d Storing construction equipment.
e Truck washing and maintenance activities.
f Dumping waste and storing toxic or hazardous materials.
g Burning and trenching activities.
120.03.08 Cleanup and Restoration. When construction activities are complete, remove the TOCF, construction materials, and debris without damaging trees in the TPA and adjacent areas. Grade the perimeter of the TPA to blend with nearby areas. Seed as specified in Section 705.
120.03.09 Damage Repair. Refer to 712.03.11.
120.03.10 Damage Compensation. Refer to 712.03.12.
Work performed as specified in the Tree Preservation Program or Contract Documents will be measured and paid for one or more of the items listed below. Payment will be full compensation for all material, labor, equipment, tools, and incidentals necessary to complete the work.
120.04.01 Temporary Orange Construction Fence. Refer to 104.20.04.
120.04.02 Tree Branch Pruning. Refer to 712.04.
120.04.03 Brush Removal. Refer to 713.04.
120.04.04 Tree Felling. Refer to 714.04.
120.04.05 Tree Root Pruning. Refer to 715.04.
120.04.06 Tree Fertilizing. Refer to 716.04.
120.04.07 The licensed tree expert services will not be measured but the cost will be incidental to the Contract unit price for the Clearing and Grubbing item.