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Construct prefabricated edge drain systems and underdrain pipe outlets.
Outlet Pipe       Section 905
Select Borrow       Section 916
Prefabricated Edge Drain and Fittings       Section 922
Install prefabricated edge drains according to the manufacturer's recommendations. For drains with support on only one side, place the support side away from the pavement edge. For excavated material, refer to 402.03.01.
307.03.01 Trenches for Prefabricated Edge Drains. Excavate using a trencher. Make the trenches as narrow as possible, but no more than 10 in. Ensure that the drain is in direct contact with the pavement. Perform the excavation of the trench, placement of the edge drain, and placement of the first lift of backfill in a single continuous operation.
307.03.02 Splices. Make splices prior to placement in the trench; in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and as approved by the Engineer.
Solid Central Cores (unconnected two sided flow). Use crossover couplings at all splices and at 200 ft intervals.
307.03.03 Connections to Outlets. Use fittings recommended by the manufacturer.
Space outlets at 200 ft intervals and at the lowest elevation on all vertical curves. Construct outlets as specified in 306.03.04.
307.03.04 Backfilling of Trenches. Unless otherwise specified, use approved material generated from the trenching operation. Use Select Borrow whenever additional backfill material is needed.
Backfill in two layers, with the first layer being placed simultaneously with the drain, holding the drain flush against the side of the pavement. Use a vibratory shoe compactor.
The payment will be full compensation for excavation, backfill, compaction, and for all material, labor, equipment, tools, and incidentals necessary to complete the work.
307.04.01 Prefabricated Edge Drains and Outlet Pipe will be measured and paid for at the Contract unit price per linear foot.
307.04.02 Additional backfill material authorized by the Engineer will be measured and paid for at the Contract unit price per cubic yard for Select Borrow Excavation.