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Protect slopes and channels by placing stone filled wire baskets.
Stone for Gabions       901.05
Wire for Gabions       906.01
Geotextile       Section 919, Class as specified
313.03.01 Excavation. Excavate, including excavation for cutoff walls, to the specified lines and grades. Ensure that the subgrade is smooth, firm, and free from protruding objects or voids that would affect the proper placement of the wire baskets or damage the geotextile. For excavated material, refer to 402.03.01.
313.03.02 Geotextile. Place geotextile on the prepared subgrade. Overlap adjacent strips at least 2 ft. Replace or repair geotextile damaged during placement of the wire baskets.
313.03.03 Wire Baskets. Begin placement with the cutoff walls. Set the empty units on the geotextile and bind the vertical ends together with wire ties or interlocking fasteners spaced to permit stretching of the units to remove kinks. Use stretching methods that do not damage the baskets. Use stakes, pins, or other approved methods to ensure proper alignment.
313.03.04 Stone. Carefully fill the basket units with stone placed by hand or machine to ensure good alignment with a minimum of voids between stones. Avoid bulging of the mesh. Do not drop the stone from a height greater than 36 in. Place the stone to provide a minimum of two courses. Place the top layer of stone to a uniform surface. Avoid any bulging of the lid mesh. After a basket unit is filled, bend the lid over until it meets the ends of the unit. Secure the lid to the sides and ends with wire ties or interlocking fasteners. When a complete basket unit cannot be installed because of space limitations, cut the basket unit to fit as directed.
313.03.05 Backfill. Backfill any excavation voids existing along the edges of the completed gabions and compact in an acceptable manner.
Gabions, including cutoff walls will be measured and paid for at the Contract unit price per cubic yard of stone filled wire baskets complete in place. The payment will be full compensation for all excavation, geotextile, stone, ties or fasteners, backfill, compaction, disposal of excess material, and for all material, labor, equipment, tools, and incidentals necessary to complete the work.