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This is not a legal document. Please see disclaimer for more information.
Furnish and apply permanent, preformed pavement marking tape to existing asphalt or Portland cement concrete pavement surfaces as specified and as directed.
Pavement Marking Tape       951.02
Select pavement marking tape from the Qualified Products List (QPL).
Refer to Section 552 for inlaid pavement marking tape.
Refer to 549.03.
551.03.01 General. Apply markings to bare pavement according to the manufacturer’s recommendations or as directed.
(a) Use primer/adhesive according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
(b) Preformed legends and symbols shall conform to the applicable shape and sizes specified.
(c) Markings shall conform to pavement surface contours and be resistant to deformation by traffic and damage from snow removal equipment. Markings applied to pavement surfaces shall be immediately ready for traffic.
551.03.02 Quality Control. Refer to 549.03.01.
551.03.03 Quality Assurance. Refer to 549.03.02.
551.03.04 Cleaning Pavement Surfaces. Refer to 549.03.07.
551.03.05 Application. Refer to 549.03 and the following.
(a) Adherence. MSMT 729.
(b) Thickness. Apply the markings so that the applied thickness is nominally the same as the unapplied material.
(c) Color. MSMT 729.
(d) Retroreflectance. MSMT 729 and the following.
White 350 or higher None
Yellow 250 or higher
White less than 350 Necessary corrective actions,

removal, replacement

Yellow less than 250
(e) Widths. Refer to 549.03.04.
(f) Alignment. Refer to 549.03.05.
(g) Layout Markings. Refer to 549.03.06.
551.03.06 Quality Control Test Strip. Refer to 549.03.09.
551.03.07 Observation Period. Refer to 549.03.11. The work will be accepted at the end of the observation period upon satisfactory inspection and approval.
551.03.08 Submittals. Supply MSDS, Product Data Sheets, and QCPs.
Refer to 549.04. Payment will be full compensation for all pavement preparation, furnishing and placing of markings, testing, and for all material, labor, equipment, tools, and incidentals necessary to complete the work.
Contrast Pavement Marking tape will be measured and paid for at the Contract unit price per linear foot for the colors and widths specified.