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This is not a legal document. Please see disclaimer for more information.
Furnish and apply inlaid pavement marking tape as specified and as directed. Inlaid pavement marking tape shall conform to pavement contours and be resistant to deformation by traffic and damage from snow removal equipment. The tape shall perform in accordance with this specification. The Manufacturer shall warranty the material for a period of five years.
Inlaid Pavement Marking Tape       951.02
Inlaid pavement marking tape is a durable material. Select pavement marking tape from the Qualified Products List (QPL).
Refer to 549.03, except 549.03.11.
552.03.01 Contractor’s Responsibility. Provide a copy of the Manufacturer’s application recommendations to the Engineer. Provide storage; prepare surfaces, and use solvents, primers, and equipment to inlay the tape in accordance with the Manufacturer’s recommendations, or as approved.
552.03.02 Placement. Place the tape onto the final surface of the new asphalt pavement prior to the final compaction.
(a) Inlay the tape while the surface temperature is within the Manufacturer’s recommended guidelines.
(b) Inlay the tape into the pavement surface with a finish roller without vibration.
(c) Placement of the final surface will not be permitted unless the striping crew and marking materials are present.
(d) The pavement shall be immediately ready for traffic after the tape has been inlaid.
552.03.03 Observation Period. The Contractor shall be responsible for the workmanship and repairing of any defects in the inlaid tape for a period of 365 days from the date the pavement is opened to traffic.
Time charges will not be assessed for the observation period provided all other work is completed. At the end of the observation period, the inlaid tape will be inspected for durability. The work will be accepted when it is determined that the quality of the initial and any repaired tape meets the requirements.
The inlaid tape fails durability if any of the following conditions exist.
(a) Film Loss: Any substrate beneath the marking is exposed.
(b) Retroreflectance: Any retroreflectivity values fall below 500 for white tape and 350 for yellow tape.
(c) Color: As specified.
Remove and replace all failed inlaid tape within 30 days of receiving written notification at no additional cost. Select durable replacement materials from the QPL. If the work is not completed within 30 days, time charges will resume until the work is completed and accepted.
552.03.04 Manufacturer’s Responsibilities.
(a) Manufacturer’s Certification of Functional Requirements. The Functional Requirements are the performance of the inlaid tape over the period of five years after the observation period. The Manufacturer’s Certification of Functional Requirements shall begin after the inlaid tape has been accepted.
Functional Requirements are as follows.
(1) Retroreflectivity.
1 349 249 Remove and replace with an

approved durable marking.

2 249 200
3 200 149
4 150 125
5 125 125 Remove and replace with

an approved marking

(2) Film Loss.
(a) Solid Longitudinal Line - no more than 5 percent of the substrate is exposed in any 2000 ft section.
(b) Broken Line or Dotted Line - no more than 5 percent of the substrate is exposed in any 2000 ft section, or no loss of two consecutive skips.
(3) Color. As specified.
(b) Warranty. The warranty shall cover the inlaid tape, the work to replace the inlaid tape, if necessary, and maintenance of traffic during the replacement. The Administration may waive the provisions of the warranty in the event that it determines that the failure of the marking is the result of factors other than defective materials.
(c) Corrective Actions. The Manufacturer shall provide the necessary materials, labor, and equipment to replace the inlaid tape if it fails to meet the warranty requirements. The work shall be performed according to recommendations and as specified. Replacement tape shall continue to meet the warranty requirements.
Provide maintenance of traffic while performing corrective actions in accordance with 104.11, and as directed. The Administration will perform Quality Assurance testing for all corrected markings.
(d) Response Time. Provide an acceptable replacement plan and schedule within 30 calendar days upon written notice of any problems with the inlaid tape. Failure to execute an approved plan within 72 hours will result in a $1000 per day charge to be imposed until compliance. The Manufacturer shall provide temporary markings at no cost until the tape is permanently replaced.
(e) Emergency Repairs. The Manufacturer shall perform emergency repairs as directed within 24 hours of being notified that repairs are necessary. The Administration reserves the right to perform the repairs using Administration or contractual forces if the Manufacturer fails to respond within the 24 hour period. The Manufacturer shall be responsible for all costs incurred for the emergency repairs; except if the damage was caused deliberately or by natural disaster.
(f) Functional Requirements Monitoring. The Administration will regularly perform day and nighttime visual inspections to monitor the quality of the tape during the warranty period. Inspections will be performed in accordance with MSMT 729. The Manufacturer shall replace any tape that falls below the values specified above.
Payment for furnishing and applying the Inlaid Pavement Marking Tape will be made under the pertinent pavement marking items. Quality Control will not be measured but the cost will be incidental to the other pertinent items specified.
(a) Payment will be full compensation for the Contractor’s 365-day observation period, including pavement preparation, furnishing and placing the inlaid tape, and for all material, labor, equipment, tools, and incidentals necessary to complete the work.
(b) Payment will also be full compensation for the Manufacturer’s 5-year material warranty period; including the furnishing, removal, and replacement of defective tape; maintenance of traffic; Quality Assurance testing, and for all material, labor, equipment, tools, and incidentals necessary to complete the work.