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This is not a legal document. Please see disclaimer for more information.
Fertilize trees as indicated in the SP 700 Tree Preservation Program, or in the plans. Perform Tree Fertilizing within a Tree Preservation Area per Section 120 when specified.
Fertilizer       920.03.01, and as specified in the TPP.
Water       920.09.01
716.03.01 General
(a) Permits. Obtain a Roadside Tree Permit from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Forest Service.
(b) Tree Preservation Program (TPP). Conform to the requirements of the TPP when developed by the Administration.
(c) Schedule. Perform operations when soil moisture and weather conditions are suitable. Cease operations when conditions are unsuitable.
(d) Nutrient Management Plan (NMP). The fertilizer application rates of this Section will be the NMP for Tree Fertilizing unless other rates are specified in the TPP.
(e) Nutrient Management Reporting. Record the location and details of fertilizer applications on the Nutrient Management Reporting Form. Submit the Form within 24 hours after applying fertilizer.
716.03.02 Maryland Licensed Tree Expert (LTE). A LTE shall perform or directly supervise the Operations in conformance with the Maryland Roadside Tree Law, the Forest Conservation Act, and accepted arboricultural practices.
716.03.03 Meetings. Meet with the Engineer, the LTE, and the Landscape Programs Division before beginning Operations.
716.03.04 Marking. Identify trees to be fertilized, and obtain approval before beginning Operations.
716.03.05 Equipment. Equipment and tools shall conform to accepted arboricultural practices.
716.03.06 Notice. Notify the Engineer at least 10 days before beginning Operations.
716.03.07 Operations. Meet ANSI A300 standards for Tree Care Operations. One or more of the following Operations will be specified.
(a) Operation 1 - Injection Fertilizing. Dissolve 200 lb of 20-20-20 water soluble fertilizer in 1000 gal of water, or as specified in the TPP.
Uniformly inject fertilizer solution through a pressurized probe at points 2 ft to 3 ft apart, to a depth of 8 in. to 10 in. below the soil surface, under the dripline of the tree, or at the spacing and depth specified in the TPP.
Inject fertilizer solution at the rate of 1000 gal of solution per acre, or 0.21 gal of solution per yd2, or at the application rate specified in the TPP.
(b) Operation 2 - Drill Fertilizing. Drill 1 in. to 3 in. diameter holes, at points 2 ft to 3 ft apart, to a depth of 8 in. to 10 in., or as specified in the TPP.
Uniformly apply 200 lb per acre of 20-16-12 (83 percent UF with MAP & SOP) into drilled holes, or at the rate specified in the TPP.
(c) Operation 3 - Broadcast Fertilizing. Uniformly apply 200 lb per acre of 20-16-12 (83 percent UF with MAP & SOP) fertilizer over the soil surface under the dripline of the tree using approved fertilizer spreader machinery, or at the fertilizer application rate and locations specified in the TPP.
716.03.08 Cleanup and Restoration. Avoid damage to existing structures, plants, and turfgrass. Keep turfgrass areas, paved surfaces, and sidewalks clean. Restore ruts and damaged turfgrass areas by seeding in conformance with Section 705, or perform Turfgrass Sod Establishment in conformance with Section 708 when directed, before beginning other landscape operations.
716.03.09 Damage Repair. Do not injure vegetation to be preserved. Repair injuries to bark, trunks, or limbs by cutting, smoothing, and tracing the bark in accordance with ANSI A300 Standards for Tree Care Operations.
716.03.10 Damage Compensation. Monetary compensation for damage or loss of trees will be calculated and assessed in conformance with the Guide for Plant Appraisal of the Council of Tree & Landscape Appraisers.
Tree fertilizing will be measured and paid for at the Contract unit price for one or more of the specified items. The payment will be full compensation for all labor, fertilizer, water, material, equipment, tools, cleanup and restoration, damage repair, disposal fees and incidentals necessary to complete the work.
716.04.01 Tree Injection Fertilizing per square yard.
716.04.02 Tree Drill Fertilizing per square yard.
716.04.03 Tree Broadcast Fertilizing per square yard.