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This is not a legal document. Please see disclaimer for more information.
Furnish and install grounding systems.
Ground Wire and Rods       950.06.04
The grounding system shall conform to the latest editions of the NEC and NESC. Grounding of overhead communication cable and messenger cable attached to a utility company owned pole shall also conform to the utility company’s requirements.
804.03.01 Equipment Grounding System. This system shall consist of the ground wire, electrically continuous metallic conduit system, span wire, steel poles, grounding conductors, communications cable steel spans, ground rods, steel span wire back guying, steel span wire pole to pole guying, and steel span wire slack spans and terminations.
Grounding for overhead communications cable shall be to all of the following when present: at the telephone and CATV cables support span wires, at the ground wire of a multigrounded system, at the neutral wire of a multigrounded system, and at the ground of a secondary circuit with approved span wire grounding clamps. Grounding to the overhead communication cable support span at utility company owned poles shall be with a vise type body clamp equipped with jaws having teeth to pierce the insulation, without stripping the jacket on the overhead communications cable span wire, and operated by a single hexagonal head bolt.
804.03.02 Grounding Conductors. Furnish and install grounding conductors of the size and type specified.
804.03.03 Ground Rods. Install ground rods as specified. Measure the ground resistance of each rod before connecting the rod to the grounding conductor. If the measured resistance exceeds 25 ohms, exothermically weld a 10 ft extension rod to the top of the first rod and drive to its full depth. Measure the earth resistance again. If it still exceeds 25 ohms, contact the Engineer for instructions.
Where rock is encountered and acceptable earth grounds cannot be accomplished by driving as described above, the Engineer may direct the use of a grounding grid. In a grounding grid, direct buried rods are exothermically welded end to end to bond lighting standards and structures in continuous series to some point where an acceptable earth ground can be obtained.
804.03.04 Continuity. Maintain continuity of the equipment grounding system throughout the project.
804.03.05 Terminations. Connection to equipment grounding system shall be made with suitable lugs at all grounding bushings specified in Section 805, and at the ground lugs in lighting structure access holes or in a breakaway base. Make connections to ground rods as specified in the Contract Documents. Connections to neutral grounding systems shall be made with lugs as specified in Section 805.
Overhead communication cable shall be made with connectors installed at the first attachment on a utility company owned pole in the following method: at the last attachment on the pole; at every fifth attachment between the first and last attachment on the pole; at each attachment where power, CATV, and telephone cables continue onto differing poles; at each attachment where power, CATV, and telephone cables converge onto the same pole; at attachments on poles equal to 1/4 mile or more; and at where more than one separate attachment or guy is on the same pole. Grounding connectors shall be installed to the overhead communications cable, to the telephone and CATV cables support span wires when present, to the ground wire of a multigrounded system, to the neutral wire of a multigrounded system, and to the ground of a secondary circuit. The ground wire between clamps shall be stapled every 12 in.
804.03.06 Testing. Section 820.
Ground Rods will be measured and paid for at the Contract unit price per each 10 ft length. The payment will be full compensation for lugs and welding, excavation, backfill, and for all material, labor, equipment, tools, and incidentals necessary to complete the work.
Ground wire will be measured and paid for as specified in 810.04.01.