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This is not a legal document. Please see disclaimer for more information.
Furnish, fabricate, coat, and install metal or polyester coated steel railings.
Refer to Contract Documents.
Square Structural Tubing for Rail Elements       909, A500, Grade B, or A618 or A501
Steel Posts and Plates       909, A36
Anchor bolts       909.08
Fusion Bonded Polyester Powder Coating       917.03, Color shall match AMS-STD-595A, Color No. 20040 or as specified
Hot Dip Galvanized Zinc       A123, A153
Galvanizing Repair       465.03.05(c)
461.02.01 Structural Steel. Grind all welds of the railing system smooth, and remove all weld spatter. Ensure that all components are free of oil and any mill coating, burrs, pits, rust, or other foreign matter or surface blemishes.
Galvanize all structural steel including fasteners and anchor bolts. Oversize the threads of the nuts according to A563.
When specified, after fabrication and galvanizing, coat all structural steel for the railing with the polyester coating system as specified in 465.03.01 and 465.03.02, except as noted.
Completely fabricate each component of the railing system including drilling of all holes prior to galvanizing and/or applying the polyester coating system.
461.02.02 Bolts, Nuts, and Washers. When specified, coat bolts, nuts, and washers with the polyester coating system. Tap the nuts with oversize threads according to A563. The coating manufacturer shall ensure that the polyester coated bolts, nuts, and washers fit together without damaging their respective coatings.
461.02.03 Anchor Bolts and Assemblies. When the polyester coating is specified, the coating manufacturer shall ensure that the polyester coated nuts and washers for attaching the bridge railing to the structure fit together without damaging their respective coatings. Do not polyester coat (only galvanize) portions of anchor bolts and assemblies to be embedded in concrete.
Fabricate and install all railings according to the Contract Documents to the horizontal and vertical alignment of the structure. Posts shall be normal to grade.
Furnish working drawings for approval.
461.03.01 Production, handling and Shipment. All components shall be wrapped to ensure safe arrival at the project site. Handle carefully metal railings and incidental parts and store them on blocking, racks, or platforms to elevate them at least 4 in. above the ground and surrounding surfaces. The material shall be protected from corrosion or damage, and shall be kept free from dirt, oil, grease, and other foreign matter. Wrapping shall remain until the component is to be incorporated into the work. Repair or replace damaged material as directed.
461.03.02 Anchor Bolts. Ensure that galvanized anchor bolt threads are free of all dirt, grease, oil, or other deleterious substances prior to roughening with a wire brush or other approved method prior to installation of the railing. Submit the proposed procedures prior to installation of the railing.
After the installation of the railing, touch up the exposed portions of the anchor bolt threads and any portions of the nuts, washers, or railing components as specified in 465.03.05. Perform the work according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. When the Engineer determines that a damaged area is beyond repair, remove, discard, and replace it at no additional cost.
The payment will be full compensation for all material, labor, equipment, tools and incidentals necessary to complete the work.
461.04.01 Metal Railing will be measured and paid for at the Contract unit price per linear foot.
461.04.02 Metal Railing will not be measured but will be paid for at the Contract lump sum price.
461.04.03 Metal railing for which no specific item is included will not be measured but the cost will be incidental to other pertinent items.